“Max” – Where The Wild Things Are – Storybook Shoot

Posted on December 13, 2013

At long last, I get to share with you another one of my special Storybook Photo Shoots.  Maurice Sendak’s classic, “Where The Wild Things Are” is one of my favorite children’s books ever.  When I was scouting around to find the perfect little boy to play “Max,” I didn’t have to look farther than my very own home.  My youngest son, Lukas, looked at me with those giant dark eyes one evening with tears streaming down his face.  “Mommy, I dreamed that monsters were chasing me!”  To calm him down, I sat him on my lap and told him that monsters were just made up creatures.  I then showed him the book, and then the lightbulb moment happened:  OMG.  He’s going to be the perfect Max!!!  And the rest is history.  🙂

Canvas Story of Jack Vettriano’s “The Singing Butler” – Personal Project

Posted on December 10, 2013

Ever wonder what goes through your mind when you look at a beautiful painting? What’s the story behind it? Why did the artist paint it? One of my favorite paintings of all time is “The Singing Butler,” by Scottish painter Jack Vettriano. I love the simplicity of the scene — two lovebirds dancing in the middle of nowhere, with her maid and his butler keeping watch. There’s passion behind it — her bending gracefully in her beautiful red dress while he sweeps her off her feet, whispering sweet words into her ear. I’ve always wanted to visually create my own interpretation of what’s going on in the painting, and with the help of some very good friends (and awesome dancers), I was finally able to put my thoughts on the “digital drawing board.” Using Jason Mraz’ song, “I Won’t Give Up” (which I do NOT own copyrights to, so this is strictly for “personal” use), here is my first ever “Canvas Story.” (Special thanks to Laurie Perez & Nick Steuer for playing maid and butler, and to Ciara Perez and Kyle Breen for bringing Jack Vettriano’s dancing lovebirds to life.)

Check out the video here:

Jack Vettriano\’s \”The Singing Butler\” – Jason Mraz\’ \”I Won\’t Give Up\” Visual Interpretation

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